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NeDIMAH Expert Seminar on Digital Scholarly Editions.

Registration is now open for the NeDIMAH Expert Seminar on Digital Scholarly Editions organised by Matthew Driscoll (University of Copenhagen) and Elena Pierazzo (King's College London). NeDIMAH is a network supported by the European Science Foundation.

Please notice that the registration is free, but it is compulsory as places are limited. If you are interested in attending, please send an email to Kirsten Leth by the 16th of November.

NeDiMAH working group in digital scholarly editions – Experts’ seminar

Tesselschadezaal, Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands, The Hague
21 November 2012


1st session
Patrick SAHLE, Universität zu Köln (DE) – What is a scholarly digital edition? 
Marina BUZZONI, Università Ca' Foscari Venezia (IT) – A 'protocol' for digital scholarly editions? The Italian point of view.
Greta FRANZINI, University College London (UK) – A catalogue of digital editions.

2nd session 
Ray SIEMENS, University of Victoria (CA) – Foundations of the social edition.
Dirk VAN HULLE, Universiteit Antwerpen (BE) – Digital genetic editing and manuscript literacy.
Roberto ROSSELLI DEL TURCO, Università di Torino (IT) – The battle we forgot to fight: Should we make a case for digital editions?

3rd session 
Cynthia DAMON, University of Pennsylvania (US) – A digital workspace for Latin textual criticism.
Jennifer LO, King's College London (UK) – Dimensionality in print and digital editions of Henslowe’s Diary.
Camille DESENCLOS, École nationale des chartes (FR) – Rethinking digital editions for early modern correspondences: A new approach to edition at the École nationale des Chartes.

4th session 
Krista Stinne Greve RASMUSSEN, Københavns Universitet (DK) – Reading or using a digital edition? Reader roles in scholarly editions.
Joris VAN ZUNDERT, Huygens ING (NL) – The practice of theory and tools: A theoretical framework for quality assessment of tools for digital scholarly editing.

Roundtable: Matthew Driscoll, Elena Pierazzo, Mats Dalhstrom, Michael Stolz, Peter Boot, Florence Clavaud, Pierre-Yves Buard, Caroline Macé, with intervention from Ray Siemens, Dirk Van Hulle, Roberto Rosselli Del Turco and Marina Buzzoni. 

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