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Medieval Research Centre Seminars and Events, Autumn Term 2012.

Medieval Research Centre Seminars and Events, Autumn Term 2012.
University of Leicester.

Monday 8 October. 1pm (Attenborough Tower 1315)
MRC Welcome event
Monday 15 Oct. 1pm (Archaeology Seminar Room)
Prof. Norman Housley (History)
Crusading responses to the Turkish threat in visual culture, 1453-1519
Saturday 27 Oct. 5pm. All Saints’ Church, Brixworth Northants
The Brixworth Lecture 2012: Prof. Faith Wallis (McGill University, Canada)
Visualising Time and Nature in Anglo-Saxon England
Monday 29 October, Woodhouse Room, Charles Wilson Building 11-4
Joint Medical Humanities & MRC Workshop, Prof. Faith Wallis (McGill University, Canada)
Purging and Prognostication in the Middle Ages
Tuesday 30 Oct.
MRC Field Trip
Anglo-Saxon Fletton and Peterborough Cathedral
Thursday 8 Nov. 2.15 (SR 1 Salisbury Road)
English Local History Research Seminar, Dr Kate Giles (University of York)
Recent Research on the Guild buildings of Stratford-upon-Avon
Friday 9 Nov. 1-2pm Peter Williams Lecture Theatre, FJ SW
Literary Leicester: Dr Ben Parsons & Dr Sarah Knight (English)
Medieval and Renaissance Violence in the Classroom
Monday 19 Nov. 1pm (ATT 216)
MRC Seminar: Owen Roberson (English)
Soul Ownership: The Devil in the Old English Law-Codes
Monday 26 Nov. 1pm (Archaeology Seminar Room)
MRC Seminar: Gregorio Bevilacqua (AHRC Research Fellow, Dept of Music, Southampton)
‘Lutum, later et palea”: Jews in the thirteenth-century Polyphonic Conductus
Monday 3 Dec. 1pm (room Att 216)
MRC Seminar: Shazia Jagot (English)
Medievalists and the Middle East
Monday 10 Dec. 6pm (KE LT 3 TBC)
MRC Public Lecture: Prof. Martin Foys (Associate Professor of English, Drew University, USA)
The Bayeaux Tapestry: A Network of Myth and History
 Mon/Tues 10/11 Dec.
Prof Foys will run two MRC Interdisciplinary Graduate Workshops.
More info to follow.

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