sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2012

Digital Medievalisms Workshops.

Professor Martin Foys from Drew University (USA).

Medieval Research Centre, University of Leicester,
10-11 December, 2012.

Digital Medievalisms: the way we work(ed)

Here we will look at how digital resources have worked, and are changing, using the DM project as a case study alongside a 'sandbox' of maps and texts. Participants are encouraged to bring their own specific projects, to discuss how they are using digital resources in old or new ways, and how they wish they could use them.

The Nature of Medieval Media: Material, Ecology, History

This workshop will consider how understanding medieval expresson – in terms of media history and theory – can change the way we understand it. Attention will be paid to traditional texts, but also very non-canonical forms of expression (eg: bells). Students are encouraged to bring their own specific projects, that may connect to ideas of media  (beyond, of course, the old model of oral –> written texts).

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