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Workshop. Methods and means for digital analysis of ancient and medieval texts and manuscripts.

Leuven Catholic University (Bélgica).
2-3 abril 2012.

This workshop aims at mapping the various ways in which digital tools can help and, indeed, change our scholarly work on “pre-modern” texts, more precisely our means of analyzing the interrelationships between manuscripts and texts produced in the pre-modern era. This includes the history of textual traditions in a very broad sense, encompassing several fields of research, such as book history, stemmatology, research on textual sources, tracing of borrowings and influences between texts, etc.

We welcome researches in any field of textual scholarship carried out on any ancient or medieval textual tradition in any language (Latin, Greek, “vernacular” / “oriental” languages…), using computer-aided methods of analysis.

Possible topics are: stemmatological analysis of manuscript traditions, digital palaeography / codicology, analysis of relationships between texts, textual history, textual criticism…

This workshop is seen as complementary to the Interedition ‘bootcamp’ to be held in Leuven in January 2012.

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