jueves, 26 de enero de 2012

Nueva web: Special Collections of the University Library of Utrecht.

In December 2011 the Special Collections of the University Library of Utrecht launched its new website. It gives information about the collection in Dutch and English, and includes more than 4000 digitized items (manuscripts, printed works and maps). One of these digitized items is the Pontifical of St Mary’s (Ms. 400), illuminated around 1450 by the Master of Catharine of Cleves. It is presented with a detailed discussion of the manuscript, which incorporates the latest iconographic research by Sophia Rochmes (University of California, Santa Barbara). Up to now, 25 of the about 700 medieval manuscripts in the collection have been digitized, some of which are described under ‘From the treasury’ and ‘Recently digitized.’ Both headings will be frequently supplemented by new digitized works.

The URL of the new website is http://bc.library.uu.nl/.

Dr. Bart Jaski, Keeper of Manuscripts and Curator of Printed Books.

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