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Curso. Diploma programme in manuscript studies.

Toronto, The Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies (Canadá).
4 junio-13 julio 2012.

Application deadline 1.II.2012.

The programme consists of five core courses, including Latin Palaeography, Diplomatics, Codicology, Textual Editing, and a variable content rubric under which a number of different special subject courses will be mounted. Courses will be available on a rotating basis, with two three-week courses offered each summer. The venue for teaching will alternate between the Pontifical Institute in Toronto and the American Academy in Rome, to take advantage of the unique resources of each institution.

MSST 1001: Codicology
4 - 22 June
A course examining the physical make-up and production of manuscript codices. The actual processes of manufacture of medieval manuscripts will be explored, including the making of parchment, the preparation of quires for writing, scribal practices, illumination, and binding. The changing context of manuscript production, from the early monastic scriptoria to the rapid reproduction of texts at the universities of the high Middle Ages, will also be considered. The proper method for describing manuscripts and how to exploit modern catalogue listings and other finding tools will be covered. The manuscript collection of the Pontifical Institute will provide firsthand experience with medieval manuscripts, and the bases for a final project.

MSST 1003: Textual Editing
25 June – 13 July
An introduction to the textual criticism and editing of medieval texts from manuscript. Practical exercises will focus upon the transcription and collation of texts from multiple witnesses, with instruction in how to create a critical apparatus and an apparatus of sources. Modern editions of medieval scholastic and literary texts will be used to illustrate various aspects of the presentation of an edited text, from reconstructing the textual tradition and building a stemma codicum, to describing the manuscripts and the editorial conventions employed.

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