lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

48th International Congress on Medieval Studies.

48th International Congress on Medieval Studies

Kalamazoo [MI], Western Michigan University

Session Oral Tradition

Co-organized by Heather Maring (Arizona State University) and Lori Garner (Rhodes College).

* Call for papers (until 15.IX.2012) *

We invite papers that stimulate open dialogue across disciplines within medieval studies on issues related to oral tradition. The treatment of medieval texts and traditions as part of an open exchange of ideas has been a hallmark of the journal Oral Tradition from its inception. The inaugural issue included a contribution addressing Old English poetry, and the most recent volume featured an essay on medieval Iranian traditions. In between, over 200 essays addressed some aspect of medieval oral traditions in such fields as medieval English, Latin, Italian Carolingian, Icelandic, Old Irish, medieval Arabic, Japanese, Middle High German, Tibetan, and many others. In this spirit, we hope to encourage the presentation of creative work from subfields that have been less frequently addressed alongside papers that employ new approaches to areas more commonly represented at Kalamazoo.
Please submit your one-page abstract by September 15 to Heather Maring (Arizona State University).

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