jueves, 3 de enero de 2013

27th International Congress of Papyrology.

Warsaw, University of Warsaw
29.II – 3.VIII.2013   

Call for papers (until 28.II.2013)

'It is our great pleasure to invite members of the papyrological community to Warsaw for the 27th International Congress of Papyrology in 2013. It will be the second time that this event is held in Warsaw - in 1961 our city hosted the congress together with Cracow.

The scientific community of the Warsaw papyrologists is institutionally divided between two faculties of the University of Warsaw: the Faculty of History (Department of Papyrology within the Institute of Archaeology) and the Faculty of Law and Administration (Chair of Roman Law and the Law of Antiquity within the Institute of History of Law). However, we are united by the common founding tradition starting with Raphael Taubenschlag and Jerzy Manteuffel, creators of the original Institute of Papyrology. The scientific review Taubenschlag founded, The Journal of Juristic Papyrology - one of the most important periodicals of our discipline - is the physical bond between us, notwithstanding our formally diverse backgrounds. The series of JJurP Supplements, launched almost a decade ago, testifies to the strength of the Warsaw community of students of Antiquity: since 2002 fourteen volumes have been published and more are currently in preparation. We are visible and recognized at the University of Warsaw: our lectures and seminars attract not only students of our university but also from other schools.

We are convinced that Warsaw is a perfect place for a meeting of the representatives of such a global discipline as papyrology. The city is located in the heart of Europe and its well-connected airport is situated near the city centre. The congress will be held on the atmospheric old university campus in the heart of the city. The university authorities are happy to offer us modern conference facilities with a spacious lecture hall (300 people) and a number of smaller rooms ideal for workshops and session work. Several hotels ranging from modest to luxurious are located near the university and offer special rates for congress participants.

Our editorial experience of the last decades guarantees that the congress proceedings will be published swiftly and will meet high scientific and editorial standards.'


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