domingo, 10 de junio de 2012

Workshop. A book of Psalms from eleventh-century Constantinople: on the complex of texts and images in Vat. gr. 752.

Roma, Svenska Institutet i Rom.


The Ars edendi Programme at the University of Stockholm is funding a project on MS Vaticanus graecus 752 as part of its brief of furthering both practical and theoretical research in the field of medieval textual scholarship.

This workshop is dedicated to bringing together an  international group of scholars to discuss the manuscript from a multi-disciplinary perspective as a first step in the planning and development of a web-based model for its integral edition.

Written in Constantinople in 1059, this Psalter manuscript challenges the editor by presenting an intricate interaction between text and images, whose themes and captions are sourced from the ad hoc commentary appended to the biblical text. At the same time, editing a catena poses its own problems, derived from the lack of critically edited sources, here mainly consisting of Hesychius of Jerusalem’s commentaries. Sensitivity to these issues, presenting no ready-made solutions, and an openness to discuss different approaches to this complex and significant manuscript should result in an enriching experience for all involved from their respective areas of expertise.


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