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Manuscripts and Their Context in Thirteenth to Fifteenth Century England.

XXII TEMA CONFERENCE at the University of Houston.
October 12-13, 2012.

The University of Oklahoma Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies is pleased to announce a paper call for one session:
Manuscripts and Their Context in Thirteenth to Fifteenth Century England

This session invites exploration and interpretation of the situation of thirteenth-, fourteenth-, and fifteenth century texts in England within the context of specific manuscripts. 

The study of manuscripts by literary scholars has risen in prominence throughout the past few decades, as seen in the work of exemplary scholars such as Andrew Taylor, Sylvia Huot, Keith Busby, and Derek Pearsall. 

As products of the culture within which they were produced, manuscripts encoded cultural meaning, communicating the social status of the patron, mapping the social and cultural reception and dissemination of texts, illustrating regional preferences and identities, and creating intertextual (and sometimes multilingual) relationships between various texts and images. 

This session seeks work from any perspective on manuscripts from thirteenth- to fifteenth-century England.
• Ownership and Commissioning
• Selection criteria (authorial, thematic, generic, miscellaneous)
• Scribal identities
• Manuscripts and place
• Construction of poetic, religious, political, and regional identities
• Circulation and dissemination
• Studies of particular manuscripts or a manuscript
• Language choice
• Relationship of text(s) and image(s)
Please submit abstracts of proposed papers (300 words), a one page CV, and any special needs (A/V or other technology) to Breeman Ainsworth by 1 September.


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