miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

Medieval Manuscripts Seminar.

Institute of English Studies. School of Advanced Study, University of London.

Organiser: Pamela Robinson (Institute of English Studies)  

15 November 2012
Peter Jones (King’s College, Cambridge): 'A Surgical Roll of the Fifteen Century'

6 December 2012
Eva de Visscher (Oriel College, Oxford): 'Learning Hebrew in Medieval England: Jews, Christians, and their Manuscripts'

17 January 2013
Sophie Page (UCL): ‘A Typology of Late Medieval Magical Diagrams'

21 February 2013
Teresa Webber (Trinity College, Cambridge):  ‘Notaries public and English cursive handwriting in the early fourteenth century:  the case of Master Elias de Couton’

7 March 2013
David Pelteret (Birmingham):  ‘The Red Book of Darley’

23 May 2013  
Nicholas Sparks (IES): ‘Cuthbert come lately: reconsidering the date of BL Add 89000’

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