martes, 17 de julio de 2012

48th International Congress on Medieval Studies.

48th International Congress on Medieval Studies


Kalamazoo [MI], Western Michigan University

Session Not Your Moder's Medievalism: Rethinking the Medieval through its Self-Imagination.

* Call for papers (until 15.IX.2012) *

This panel aims to contribute to a growing body of work that explores medievalism through the medieval period’s own eyes. Rather than understanding medievalism solely through later periods’ constructions of the medieval, most commonly those of the 19th century, this panel is interested in the way the medieval participated in its own self-conscious creation. Questions explored might include: How did the medieval think about itself? How did it shape, comment on, or contribute to our present senses of the medieval? How might the medieval’s self-consciousness influence later instantiations of medievalism? How did the medieval parody itself? How did nostalgia function in the medieval period? This panel is interested not only in medieval English literature, but also continental literatures and literatures across languages and geographies.

Please submit a proposal of 300 words with a completed Participant Information Form (available on the Western Michigan University website) for consideration in these panels. 

Panel contact:
Katherine Leveling

Department of English

One Shields Avenue

University of California
 Davis, CA 95616


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